“ONCE UPON A TIME” is still one of the most guaranteed attention-getting phrases in our language. About storytelling is crammed with hints on finding, developing, and presenting stories to Australian audiences.

Australian Storytelling

Australian Storytelling for Aussies

About Storytelling for Aussies

Storytelling book for Australian storytellers, speakers, students

The book contains information on how to find and adapt stories, business matters, and dealing with disasters. It includes a comprehensive resource list. Good for Australian Storytelling.

Body language. eye contact, natural pace and intonation are some of the storyteller’s tools. Storytelling crosses all boundaries of age and culture. Stories entertain, inspire, instruct and heal. They’re as relevant now as ever.

But what is storytelling

Some call it painting pictures with words — creating pictures in the minds of listeners. It is the oldest form of publishing and one of the oldest art forms.

Whether you’re storytelling for fun or a fee, the practical hints will enhance your performance. Helen McKay and Berice Dudley are skilled communicators and experienced storytellers. They have shared their collective knowledge to help you learn more about storytelling.

Topics include: Room Set-up, Beginnings, Linking with Audience, Story Reading, Interactive Storytelling, Organic Storytelling, Personal Stories, Tools of Storytelling, Props, Costumes, Storytelling Aids, Story as Therapy, The World’s Greatest Teachers Used Stories, Story Selection, Where to Find Stories, Adapting to Oral Forms, Endings, Stage Fright and Other Disasters, Target Audiences for Stories, Business Matters.

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Buy About Storytelling direct from the authors: AU$12.00 + postage $4.00 Mailed anywhere in Australia  (For mail outside Australia: ask us). A practical Guide on Australian Storytelling for Teachers, Students, Speakers, Storytellers. Paperback 126 pages. Published: Hale & Iremonger, Sydney Australia ISBN 0868066524 – 9780868066523 – First published 1996. Revised edition.

About Storytelling is a useful, information-accessible introduction to how do I tell stories, where do I begin.” Diane Wolkstein, Author of The Magic Orange Tree and Esther’s Story